Eating healthy is a important for your personal feeling and well being.

You should carefully scan your environment for toxis substances, like wheat, soy, gluten or any BPA related plastic chemicals.

easy primal blueprint food list

This cannot always be easy. Let me introduce the primal blueprint food list:

However, there are some steps, you can follow if you hear my advice and clean up your life and improve your health.

hence, I give . In this, I show you some advice, how to eat properly. I will give you tools, tricks and advice for a better healthier life style.

It is not as hard and impossible as you might imagine. the opposite is the case. you will soon feel healthier and continue your strive for perfect longevity.

Just go to your fridge and your indoor food storage area and examine it closely for those hidden poisonous substances:

is there any product in it that contains soy or is made entirely out of soy? soy beans are one of the worst detriments to your health.

chris kresser was one of the most well known researchers of the dangers considered with soy.

also mark sisson and many others help you out oncovering the truth and the hidden lies behind the soy marketing mafia.


what soy does: it damages your internal system,

it impairs your immune functions,

it worsens your nervous functions and just plainly damages all of your health.

Every wonder why you get headaches? remove grains, wheat and soy and it should improve in 6 weeks latest!

do you have any wheat or flour from grains in your storage? ditch it!


gluten is a toxic substance, that NO human can absorb or digest.

only rodents are able to digest it and render it unsuable to havoc.

so stay away.

are there sugarly substances like pepsi or coca cola? get them out.

aspartam? that artificial sweetener in many soda in them will cause havoc in sour system! an will cause insulin spikes! it will case food craving and will make you eat more and more and more.

so in the end, you will just get sick, tired, lazy and unhealthy.

sum it up:

grains, wheat, soy, soja, sweeteners. be gone!

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